This blog and writing down what’s happened in my life is as much for me as it is to inspire others. I know my story can help someone else. That’s how stories work. Connecting with the right person at the right time. I may never be told or ever hear how this part of my story serves someone else and I don’t need to. Putting pen to paper and fingers to keys during this time of my Dad passing and writing this series “In Honor: The Dad Series” has helped ME. At each turn, I’ve had an outlet to process. When I haven’t been able to make sense of my own feelings or express the jumble of thoughts in my head, I jot down a note. I circle back and feel a moment again. I start to understand and connect the dots. I begin to heal.

I’ve also wanted to fully document this experience for my future family. My husband and kids will never know this incredible man who has meant so much to me and helped shape me into the person I am. And that is heartbreaking. But my hope is that by fully documenting, remembering and honoring who Dad was will help fill in the gaps for the family he’ll never meet.

Reading this story will also let them see what I’ve been through. This journey with cancer changed our lives. It changed who I am as a person. It gave me a new way to empathize. It showed me grief. Heartache. Loss. It showed me how strong I am. It’s teaching me the power of time and healing. It’s added more value to the people I keep in my life. And it demonstrated to me the impact we can have on one another.

Cancer became a part of my story. And being able to write about it has helped me in more ways than I can attempt to articulate. I hope that by sharing, it can help someone else, like so many were there to help me.

Here’s to you Dad, and all the ways that you, too, wrote your own story.